Napa United Methodist Book Study Group

Previous Book Study titles:

January 2002: "The Battle for God" by Karen Armstrong

April 2002: "Jesus Against Christianity: Reclaiming the Missing Jesus" by Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer

September 2002: "Reading the Bible Again for the First Time" by Marcus Borg

January 2003: "The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions" by Marcus Borg and N. T. Wright

April 2003: "The Once and Future Faith" by the Jesus Seminar

September 2003: "A New Christianity for a New World" by John Shelby Spong

January 2004: "Profiles of Jesus" by the Jesus Seminar

Lent, 2004: "Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time" by Marcus Borg Churchwide

May, 2004: "Godless Morality Keeping Religion out of Ethics" by Richard Holloway

September 2004: "Remedial Christianity" by Dr. Paul Laughlin

Lent, 2005: "Open Christianity" by Jim Burklo Churchwide

April 2005: "Making God Laugh, Human Arrogance and Ecological Humility" by Anne Primavesi

Fall 2005: “Christian Faith at the Crossroads”, “Tomorrow's God”, and “The World to Come” by Lloyd Geering plus the study guide “God, Galileo and Geering” by Robert Jones

Winter/Spring 2006: Living the Questions (not exactly a book)

Lent, 2006: “The Heart of Christianity” by Marcus Borg Churchwide

Summer, 2006: "TCPC Eight Point Study Guide" by Fred Plummer and The Center for Progressive Christianity"

Fall, 2006: "The Marriage of Sense and Soul" by Ken Wilber

Winter, 2007: "The Great Questions of Life" by Don Cupitt

Lent, 2007: "The Last Week" by Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan Churchwide

Fall, 2007: "God and Emprie" by John Dominic Crossan

Lent, 2008: "Re-Imagine the World" by Bernard Brandon Scott Churchwide

Fall, 2008: "Beyond Belief" by Elaine Pagels

Lent, 2009: "When Faith Meets Reason" edited by Charles Hedrick

Fall, 2009: "Saving Jesus from the Church" by Robin Meyers

Lent, 2010: "The Powers That Be" by Walter Wink

Fall, 2011: "The Greatest Prayer" by John Dominic Crossan

Winter, 2012: "Speaking Christian" by Marcus Borg

Lent, 2012: "If the Church Were Christian" by Philip Gulley Churchwide

Winter, 2013: "Embracing the Human Jesus" by David Galston

Spring, 2013: "The Trouble with Resurrection" by Bernard Brandon Scott

Fall, 2013: "Zealot" by Resa Aslan

Winter, 2014: "The God We Never Knew" by Marcus Borg

Spring, 2014: "From the Big Bang to God" by Lloyd Geering

Fall, 2014: "How Jesus Became God" by Bart Ehrman

Winter, 2015: "The Power of Parable" by John Dominic Crossan

Summer, 2015: "The Real Paul" by Bernard Brandon Scott

Fall, 2015: "The Gospel of Mary" by Karen King

Winter, 2016: "Reimagining God" by Lloyd Geering

Spring, 2016: "How to Read the Bible and Still Be a Christian" by John Dominic Crossan

Summer, 2016: "God is Not One" by Stephen Prothero

Fall, 2016: "The Lost Way" by Stephen Patterson

Winter, 2017: "Short Stories by Jesus" by Amy-Jill Levine

Spring, 2017: "Such Is Life" by Lloyd Geering

Fall, 2017: "God's Human Future" by David Galston

Spring, 2018: "The War on Science" by Shawn Otto

Summer, 2018: "Becoming a Thinking Christian" by John Cobb, Jr.

Fall, 2018: "Unbelievable" by John Shelby Spong

Winter, 2019: "A God That Could Be Real" by Nancy Abrams

Summer, 2019: "The Parables of Jesus and the Problems of the World" by Richard Q. Ford

Fall, 2019: "The Forgotten Creed" by Stephen Patterson

Winter, 2020: "Some Surprises from the Apostle Paul" by William O. Walker

Spring, 2020: "Holy Envy" by Barbara Brown Taylor