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Speaking Christian

Marcus Borg is one of the best writers who open critical biblical scholarship to the lay reading public. In this volume, he describes how words have been changed over time to present a more conservative picture of Christianity than most of us feel comfortable with. Borg looks at the historical meanings of the words and how they were originally used to change the base of language toward something more modern (and liberal). Most of this comes from translation anyway, so we only get a black-and-white copy of the original color picture intended with these powerful words.

Since there are so many chapters, and they are very short, we will be taking several words/ideas at a time. Meetings are from January 8, 2012 to February 12, 2012.



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If the Church Were Christian

By Philip Gulley, and subtitled "Rediscovering the Values of Jesus". The best way to introduce this book is to simply list the Table of Contents.
If the Church Were Christian,

  1. Jesus Would Be a Model for Living Rather Than an Object of Worship
  2. Affirming Our Potential Would Be More Important Than Condemning Our Brokenness
  3. Reconciliation Would Be Valued over Judgement
  4. Gracious Behaviour Would Be More Important Than Right Belief
  5. Inviting Questions Would Be Valued More Than Supplying Answers
  6. Encouraging Personal Exploration Would Be More Important Than Communal Uniformity
  7. Meeting Needs Would Be More Important Than Maintaining Institutions
  8. Peace Would Be More Important Than Power
  9. It Would Care More About Love and Less About Sex
  10. This Life Would Be More Important Than the Afterlife

Since this is a churchwide bookstudy, meetings will be held in a number of venus from February 26, 2012 through the end of April, 2012.